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The Mercer Borough Council would like to welcome you to The New Website!!
This Webpage was designed to provide our residents a source for correct and current information concerning Mercer Borough Government.

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Notice Of Intent To Release Funds


Mercer Borough enacted an ordinance in 1997 that regulates, limits and sets the times for burning within the Borough limits. The complete ordinance is available on our website. It is lawful to burn the following materials and substances ONLY : leaves, brush, plant cuttings, and other dead plant matter normally occurring in the coarse of maintaining a residence or property. You may receive a citation if you burn any other items including scrap wood, building materials, furniture and cardboard boxes. You are permitted to have a grill or fire for cooking food for immediate consumption. The hours are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 6:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. All burning shall be attended at all times during the course of burning and shall not be left smoldering.

SEWER PLANT IMPROVEMENT PROJECT – No Rate increases for 2019

You will notice an additional $ 5.00 increase totaling the Sewer Treatment Improvement (STU) charge to $ 15.00 per month starting with your January sewer billing statement due February 6th of 2018. This increase will be set aside to fund the replacement of the existing sewage treatment plant as mandated by Federal and State Regulations. The project cost is approximately $ 10,571,000.00. Mercer Borough applied for funding through the USDA and is approved for a $ 6,161,000 grant. The remaining costs will be paid through sewer bill revenues. Mercer Borough Engineers and Financial Advisors have recommended a $ 15.00 increase per month for residential dwellings so Mercer Borough officials have been working diligently to lower costs. Please contact the Borough Administrative office if you would like to discuss our project further.


The Spray Park Features have been ordered !  The Brandy Spring Park Board and Mercer Borough Officials have been working together to get the Spray Park completed this summer.  There have been some setbacks with utility and DEP requirements but they are back on track now.  We will be posting a tentative construction schedule soon.  The embeds will be arriving in about 3 weeks and the remainder of the features in about 8 weeks.

Mercer Borough Council and Administration

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