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Welcome to Mercer Borough!

The Mercer Borough Council would like to welcome you to The New Website!!
This Webpage was designed to provide our residents a source for correct and current information concerning Mercer Borough Government.

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Mercer Borough enacted an ordinance in 1997 that regulates, limits and sets the times for burning within the Borough limits. The complete ordinance is available on our website. It is lawful to burn the following materials and substances ONLY : leaves, brush, plant cuttings, and other dead plant matter normally occurring in the coarse of maintaining a residence or property. You may receive a citation if you burn any other items including scrap wood, building materials, furniture and cardboard boxes. You are permitted to have a grill or fire for cooking food for immediate consumption. The hours are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 6:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. All burning shall be attended at all times during the course of burning and shall not be left smoldering.


Construction will begin again in March of 2020. The original DCNR grant award was for materials only and the labor to build the Spray was to be furnished by professional volunteer contractors. Last Fall Mercer Borough Council who secured the grant funding of $ 100,000.00 to match Brandy Springs Park’s $ 100,000.00 decided that since the volunteer program was not working, they would seek contributions from the County, other Municipalities and private Vendors to complete the work. The Borough was able to raise enough funds to construct the water lines and plumbing for the Spray Features embeds and the Concrete work. Agreements have been reached with the contractors to start soon. The features, piping and connections were purchased, stored and are ready to install. We are hoping that if all goes well, the Park Officials will be trained on the control room features this Spring, the fencing will be installed and the Spray Park will be open for business. Brandy Springs Park will probably need help with clean up so anyone out there wanting to contribute please contact the Park Board. I hope that we have answered many of you questions but feel free to call anytime for further details.

Mercer Borough Council and Administration

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